Jesse Billauer: Adaptive Surfing World Champion & Founder of Life Rolls On

Jesse Billauer Twitter

Jesse Billauer Photo Credit: Twitter

Introducing adaptive surfing world champion and founder of Life Rolls On, Jesse Billauer. This interview is short and sweet, but full of insights to living life passionately.

Name: Jesse Billauer

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

What sports do you play? I enjoy surfing and fishing. That’s what I do.

World Champion Photo Credit: Life Rolls On

World Champion Photo Credit: Life Rolls On

What accomplishments in sports are you most proud of? Last weekend, I won the first adaptive world surf championship. I also started Life Rolls On, a non-profit  organization that offers quality of life programs because after getting injured I wanted to give back to the community. We run “They Will Surf Again’” and “They Will Skate Again” programs across the country.

What is your sports story? I was growing up as a surfer on the verge of being professional, and then I got injured. But now, I continue to surf around the world. I’ve surfed in Morocco, Australia, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Hawaii.

Jesse in the barrell. Photo Credit:

Jesse in the barrell. Photo Credit:

What’s your mantra that keeps you going? I always have something to look forward in life, whether it’s a nice day or a good swell rolling in.

How would you define ability? Ability is following your passion and being active in life.

How would you define grit? Reaching down in your heart and doing the best that you can.

What advice do you have for other athletes? Just continue to be better.  Practice, learn and ask people questions. Then, go out there and do what you love.

What superpowers do you possess? Superpowers…I pay attention to details like people’s emotion feeling and my surroundings.

How can people get involved with Life Rolls On? They can go to They can come out to volunteer, participate or even donate.

Who would you like to thank? My friends, families and sponsors.

Any other additional comments: Never give up on your hopes and your dreams. When you think there is nothing out there for you, there is always an opportunity out there for everybody.

Check out more on Jesse’s surfing sports story: 

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