About Jen L. Stratton, Ed.D.

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading, thinking and sharing the stories of Team Possible!


Here I am with my awesome husband, Seth, and totally amazing kids, Nolan, Caitlin, and Ian. #strattonpartyof5

Here are a few facts about me:

1. I love to learn. I find the world and all the people in it simply fascinating.

2. I have taught kindergarten through graduate level students. I think teaching is like conducting an orchestra. When every instrument plays its role, the sound is beautiful and can move you to tears.

3. I believe everyone has a story. We just have to be willing to listen.

4. My favorite summer time activity is hiking on the coast of Maine. Of course, these hikes are usually followed with a trip to a local ice cream shop.

5. I typically workout at 5:30 a.m. in the morning. Exercise is vital for me to juggle all of the demands of life.

I thought you might also be interested in the blog post that started me on my journey.  Be the Change You Wish to See in the World- Gandhi

Finally, I really do want to hear your story. Please email me at: jlstrattonpossiblebooks@gmail.com

Believe in the possible,



For more formal information about my education and professional experience, please check out my profile on LinkedIn.

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