About Dr. Jen Stratton

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading, thinking and sharing the stories of Team Possible!

Here I am with my awesome husband, Seth, and totally amazing kids, Nolan, Caitlin, and Ian. #strattonpartyof5

Here are a few facts about me:

1. I believe EVERYONE has the right to play and be represented.

2. I have taught kindergarten through graduate level students. I think teaching is like conducting an orchestra. When every instrument plays its role, the sound is beautiful and can move you to tears.

3. I believe EVERYONE has a story. I find the world and all the people in it simply fascinating. We just have to be willing to listen.

4. My favorite summer time activity is hiking on the coast of Maine. Of course, these hikes are usually followed with a trip to a local ice cream shop.

5. I love the unifying power of sports. I find exercise is vital for me to juggle all of the demands of life.

I thought you might also be interested in the blog post that started me on my journey.  Be the Change You Wish to See in the World- Gandhi

Finally, I really do want to hear your story. Please email me at: jenstrattonandteampossible@gmail.com

Believe in the possible,


Interested in learning more about my work… I love doing presentations on the topics of adaptive sports, writing non-fiction, blogging, and believing in the possible. If you are looking for an interactive educational experience for your students or educators from kindergarten to the doctoral level, please feel free to contact me.


Bay Path University President’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Thinking, 2020-2021

Springfield College Teacher of Excellence, 2012-2013

Kappa Delta Pi Educational Foundation Deborah Partridge Wolfe Laureate Scholar, 2012


Stratton, J., Rabinowitz, L., Tondreau, A. (November 2020) A New Song of Inclusion: Culturally Sustaining Literacy Practices and UDL. Co-presenter at National Council of Teachers of English, Virtual Conference. 

Stratton, J. (October 2020) What the Paralympics Can Teach Us about Equity. Bay Path University Festival of Teaching and Learning, Virtual Conference.

Stratton, J., Menella, T., (September 2020) Ingenious U Podcast: Lessons Learned from Teaching through COVID. The Center for Higher Ed Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP) at Bay Path University.

Stratton, J. (September 2020) Stratton School. On-Line Learning Guest Speaker for Strategic Alliance at Bay Path University.

Stratton, J. & Gaudreau, C. (August 2020) Active Learning with Zoom. Bay Path University Virtual Professional Development Days.

Stratton, J. (April 2020) Stratton School: Connect, Collaborate, & Contribute. Strategic Alliance Webinar at Bay Path University.

Stratton, J. (March 2020) Redefining Ability through Adaptive Sports. National Association for Multiculutral Education New York Regional Conference. Accepted, but canceled due to COVID.

Bonanno, K., Stratton, J., Hickson, A., & Rustico, E. (November 2019) Combining Project Based Learning with Culturally Responsive Teaching to Meet the Needs of All Learners. Co-presenter at Massachusetts Council for Exceptional Children, Norwood, MA.

Stratton, J. (November 2019) Redefining Ability through Adaptive Sports. National Association for Multicultural Education National Conference. Accepted, but unable to present.

Stratton, J. (April 2019) Stone Society Panel on the Work Life Balance. Panelist at Wilbraham & Monson Academy, Wilbraham, MA. 

Stratton, J. (February 2019) Writing Non-Fiction with a Purpose. Guest speaker at Soule Road, Wilbraham, MA.

Stratton, J. (September 2018) Blogging with a Purpose. Guest speaker for Therapeutic Recreation Class at  Springfield College, Springfield, MA. 

Stratton, J. (November 2016) Panel Representation of Adaptive Sports. Panelist at Asnuntuck Community College, Enfield, CT. 

Stratton, J. (June 2016) Redefining Ability and Shifting Perspectives One Word at a Time. Keynote for Northern New England Athletic Trainers’ Conference, Fairlee, VT.

Stratton, J. (June 2016) Writing Non-Fiction to Shift Perspectives on Ability. Guest speaker at Buttonball Lane School, Glastonbury, CT and Blueberry Hill School, Longmeadow, MA.

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